Spooky Jar of Eyeballs

Throwing a Halloween party? Need a creepy craft project that your kids will love?  Well go no further, we have the project that will be sure to have all eyes on you!  Whether you need some Halloween decorations or something to keep the kids busy, this slimy eyeball jar is super fast, easy and cheap to make!  Your kids or party guests will be creeped out (in a good way) for days!  Follow these easy steps to make an eyeball jar of your own.  

 $3 and a quick trip to the Dollar Tree and we had everything we needed! 

  1. Bag of plastic eyeballs
  2. Glass jar or container 
  3. Red hand soap

Step 1: Place your jar or container on a tray (you'll want this for quick clean up).  Add plastic eyeballs  or other spooky items.  

Step 2:  Fill your container with red hand soap.

 Step 3:  Squeal with delight over the creepy fun that you are having!

 Step 4:  Make spooky sounds as the blood oozes over the eyeballs!

Step 5: Use a straw or chop stick to position the eyeballs to your liking.  Seal your container and wipe away any excess soap.

That's it!  So simple!  The hard part will be trying to decide where to place your slimy jar of eyeballs! We turned out the lights, grabbed our flashlights and pretended we were in a mad scientist's laboratory.  Our spooky jar of eyeballs looked extra, extra spooky!  Maybe we will put that giant rat we saw at the Dollar Tree into another jar!  Boo!

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